Before You Hire a Radon Mitigation Company

  • There are many experts in radon mitigation, so be certain to check credentials, licensing, and references when hiring a radon mitigation company.
  • Mitigation contractors should have credentials through the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP).
  • If a Radon mitigation company gives you a price WITHOUT looking at your home, buyers beware! Few mitigation companies will only give you a price over the phone or internet, they don’t include things like electrical work.
  • Hire a professional, Not a website!
  • Make sure they include Radon re-test with a Continious Radon Meter (CRM), and NOT leave you with a Radon test kit.  Test kits take a long time to get back from the lab, most often after a homes closing date.
  • American Radon Reduction, LLC is a member of both the NRPP and AARST.
  • Fire rings maybe required on penetrations that go through garage walls and ceiling, but fire caulking is required always.
  • Radon mitigation can cost $650 and up depending on your homes construction type.